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Welcome to our collection of books about Amesbury and its surroundings, penned by talented local authors who bring our charming town's rich history and vibrant culture to life through their words. Amesbury, nestled in the heart of Wiltshire, boasts a heritage that spans millennia, from its ancient standing stones to its role in pivotal moments of British history. Our authors, intimately acquainted with the town's unique character, offer diverse perspectives in their works. Whether you're interested in delving into the mysteries of Stonehenge, exploring the town's medieval roots, or simply immersing yourself in captivating tales inspired by our surroundings, you'll find an enchanting selection of literature here that captures the essence of Amesbury in all its glory. Browse our books and let these local voices transport you to the enchanting landscapes and stories that define our beloved Amesbury. 

Delivery to UK addresses only and postage included in price. 

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