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Collections and Display Volunteer

You will be part of an enthusiastic team of volunteers helping to conserve and care for the diverse collections of Amesbury History Centre.

Tasks could include:
• Accurately document the location and nature of the artefacts in the history centre stores
• Provide accurate measurements of objects as required
• Enhance the collections database
• Photograph artefacts and edit images to be uploaded onto the history centre’s website
• Preserving the artefacts and displays through dusting, cleaning, pest control and other conservation methods.
• Carrying out conservation and environmental checks in the stores and history centre display areas.
• Improving existing collections storage for artefacts.
• Handling history centre artefacts in a careful and considered manner, following history centre guidelines and best practice techniques.

Main Activities

Skills Needed 

• Attention to detail.
• Methodical working manner.
• Reliability.
• A friendly nature
• Computer skills (e.g., maintenance of database /editing photos)
• An interest in the history centre collections and willingness to learn about conservation and care of artefacts
• Able to follow guidelines and respond to constructive criticism
• Ability to work on your own or as part of a team.
• Ability to follow history centre guidelines and best practice techniques in the care and conservation of artefacts.
• A reasonable level of physical dexterity (NB this role will involve lifting and handling artefacts; walking up and down stairs around the history centre; and potentially using a ladder).

Training Offered

Training will include the following:
• Tour of the History Centre
• Comprehensive Induction process covering the fire evacuation procedure and responsibilities of volunteers
• Role specific training including handling guidelines for the care and conservation of artefacts.

Time Commitment Requested

Ideally 2.5 hours weekly either morning or afternoon. We would welcome an initial commitment of 6 months.

There will be a trial period of 3 months to ensure that this is the right role for you.

Equal Opportunities 

Amesbury History Centre is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all and welcomes applications from all volunteers with suitable skills and interests.

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