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Remembering Silver Star, Terry Grace

Remembering Silver Star, Terry Grace


For forty years, Silver star Motor Services of Porton Down served the villages of the Bourne Valley in Wiltshire and the military, with its services from several Army camps on Salisbury Plain, to destinations in the north of England and even Scotland.

With its very distinctive colour scheme of silver and red, this company provided a much loved and admired service which was greatly mourned by its customers when in 1963 it stopped trading. Since then, there has always been an interest and following of this company. Strange then, that in almost 100 years since its inception, that no book has been dedicated to this much-lamented company.

This book aims to address that omission, by giving a written and pictorial history of the company, both in terms of the vehicles used, the Silver Star staff, together with chapters on the fate of some of the Silver Star vehicles following the takeover by Wilts & Dorset, and a section devoted to pictures of the vehicles in the Bourne Valley.

The book boasts many photographs in full colour, many of which have not been

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